Secrets & Tricks to Get Out Tangles

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We  don’t WANT tangles to happen.  There are plenty of ways to prevent hair from getting tangled, which I will be sharing with you in an upcoming post.  But we live in reality and those tangles DO happen!  Sometimes they are really bad and will take some time to get out.  I know that this can be SO frustrating! 

Let’s get honest though – it’s on us as parents.  My daughter Hope is old enough to take care of her own hair, but it’s my job to follow up.  This is part of raising up kids, we need to train them.  It doesn’t just come natural or right away to them.  I can be tempted to yell at her for letting her hair get so tangled, but honestly I know that I could have done something before it got to this point.  I will talk to her about it, but I won’t put the blame on her.

Moms – I encourage you to watch yourself and not make your daughter feel bad when her hair gets tangled.  And moms, you shouldn’t feel bad either!  It’s life and tangles are just something that happen.

I also want to encourage you moms to not rush through detangling hair, but try to relax and take your time!    You can give your children books or devices if you need to, to distract them, but it’s also a great time for talking.  Especially as my girls get older, having this time when they are a captive audience is such a great time for us to talk about anything.  Look at this as mother daughter time and ENJOY it!  Your attitude makes all the difference to the kind of experience that you and your daughter will have in brushing out tangles. 

How to Get Tangles Out of Hair

Here are some tips and tricks that will hopefully make the process of brushing tangled hair a little easier on both you and your girl! 

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Start with a Good Detangling Spray

I’ve tried numerous dentangling sprays in the past in my Search for the Best Detangler Spray.  Since then, I have also found and love the Not Your Mother’s Knotty to Nice Detangling Spray and the Sweethearts Hair Design Detangling Spray (which will be available to buy soon!). 

Use a Detangling Hair Brush

I have tried many different detangling hair brushes which you can read about in my Detangling Hair Brushes Face Off post.  My absolute favorite that I swear by is The “Wet” Brush.  It works great on wet or dry hair.  The “Wet” Brush is my favorite brush for my girls and I both.  I’ve never worked with the company but I really should, I have bought so many of their brushes to keep around my house and as gifts for friends.  I have only used the original version of the brush but I know that they have other variations of the brush out.  I think that The “Wet” Brush works great on fine to moderately thick hair.  For very thick hair, I do recommend the Michel Mercier brush for thick hair

Detangle one Section at a Time

I like to start at one side of the head and work my way around.  I section out a little bit of hair, work through it using the following tips and then move on to the next section. 

Start by Using Your Fingers to Detangle

If the hair is very tangled, sometimes it’s hard to even divide it into sections to work through!  I like to begin by using my fingers to work through the biggest tangles.  I gently pull the tangles in an apart and down motion to loosen them and separate them.  Do this first to divide sections from the rest of the hair, and then do it within the section that you’ve divided out if the tangles are really bad.

Brush Starting at the Bottom and Working Your Way Up

Once you’ve loosened the major tangles with you fingers, you’ll want to apply that detangling spray that we talked about and then start brushing it.  Always start at the bottom of the section and work your way up.  This lets you loosen the tangle as you work your way up.  If you start at the top by the root of the hair and then work your way down, you will end up making those tangles harder to get out and risk damaging the hair. 

Hold onto the Hair

As I brush the hair from the bottom up, I hold onto the hair above it.  This keeps from pulling on the roots too much and makes it less painful!  Once you don’t have any room to hold onto the section, then let it go and brush the rest by the roots. 

I hope that these secrets and tricks to get out tangles help you with your hairbrushing struggles at home!  Some moms that I talk to don’t think it’s worth the fight and end up cutting the hair instead.  This can be really helpful in some situations!  If either the parents or the child want long hair though, I think that you should try these detangling tips out and hold off on cutting the hair.  When the parents and the child don’t care about hair length, that’s when I think that looking at chopping it off is a good option.  If you are cutting at least 8 inches, be sure to check out this post where I talk about how to donate hair. 

Do you have any tips or tricks for getting out tangles at your house?  Do you have a favorite detangling spray or know of a great hairbrush to get those tangles out?  I would LOVE to hear!  Please leave a comment below!

Thanks for reading!  I hope you’ll be back by my blog again soon.

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3 thoughts on “Secrets & Tricks to Get Out Tangles

  1. You forgot the make-your-own-leave-in conditioner method. It´s the best and most economical. All you do is add 2 tbsp. of your favorite hair conditioner in a spray bottle, fill it up with water, give it a good shake, and you´re ready to detangle. So easy!

  2. Hi from England! Before swimming, even with a swim hat, I work through leave in conditioner into my daughters hair then put it into a simple braid. When it comes to showering after, it’s smooth and knot free before washing, then if necessary, I put a little more leave in conditioner.

    1. Hi Amanda!! That’s such a great tip! It also helps to protect the hair from chlorine and other chemicals I bet. Thank you so much for taking the time to comment!


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