Side Criss Crossed Loop Braid

Love this!!  Such a pretty and unique hairstyle, great tutorial!

When I’m doing my own hair, quick and easy is key.  I absolutely love the look of more complicated and intricate styles, but with 4 kids running around, there is rarely time for me to attempt them!  I swear, if I try to spend more than 10-15 minutes on my hair then my kids sense it and I come downstairs to find a box of spilled cheerios, an overflowing clogged toilet and screaming… or they just come and get me in the middle of it and I have to drop my braid before it’s finished.  So I reserve those harder and more time consuming styles for when I’m doing other people’s hair or when my husband is home to watch the kids.  On a daily basis, easy and fast is just what works for me. 

Side braids are among my favorite braids because they are pretty, quick, frame my face and they don’t tire my arms out.  If you are a beginning braider or a time crunched braider like me, then I think you will find that side braids will work great for you too.

Today’s side criss crossed loop braid is my new favorite braid on myself!  It looks so difficult and intricate while being fairly easy to do – gosh, I love styles like that!  The ones that make people “oooh” and “ahhh” while I secretly smile to myself and know it was so easy that anyone could do it… yep, those are the best styles if you ask me.   Let’s get on to how to do this side loop braid so that you can see what I’m talking about here!

How to Do a Side Criss Crossed Loop Braid

Tools you will need: hairbrush, a clear elastic, hairspray 

Time to complete: 7-10 minutes

Skill Level:  Easy

Step 1.  Begin by creating a deep part off to the side.

Step 2.  Pick up a small section of hair from along your part line. Divide that into 3 equal pieces and begin to braid, bringing the outer edges over the middle.

Step 3.  On the back side, pick up hair to add into your braid and braid it over the middle.

Step 4.  Drop your front strand to the side and pick up a section of hair to replace it.  On the back, pick up a section of hair and add it into the braid.

Step 5.  On the front side now, feather out a small section of hair, you only want it to be as thick as that very first piece you dropped down in front. Let that piece hang and pick up a small section of hair to add in and braid that over to the middle. On the back again, pick up another section of hair and add that in.

Step 6.  On the front side, feather out another piece of hair, equal in size to the other two sections hanging down. Take the very first piece that is hanging and bring it UNDER the piece next to it and over the piece you just feathered out and add that into your braid. You can clip the hanging pieces out of the way so that they don’t get mixed in or just hold them in your mouth. Pick up a section of hair to add into your front most strand of your braid and braid that all over the middle.

Step 7.  On the back again, pick up hair and braid it in.

Step 8.  From the front most strand, again feather out a small section. Take the front most hanging piece and bring it UNDER the strand next to it and over the piece you just feathered out. Add that into your braid. Pick up a section of hair from underneath to add in. 

As soon as your braid reaches your ear, don’t pick up any additional hair to add in on the front – from this point out  you will just add hair in on the back.

Step 9.  On the front, continue to feather out sections and then add back in the very front most section by brining it UNDER the section next to it and over the one you just feathered out.

As you pick up hair to add in on the back side, you will want to tilt your head. This helps the hair to hang nicely so that when you pick it up and add it in, it will look natural.

Step 10.  Every few stitches of the braid you can go back up the braid and gently pull on those loops that you are creating to make sure they aren’t braided to tight. At the end we will loosen them even more.

Step 11.  Continue braiding like this until you run out of hair to add in.  Then, keep feathering out pieces on the front side until you are within a couple stitches of the end of your braid.  At that point, stop feathering out and just bring those hanging pieces back in.

Step 12.  Hold the braid with one hand and go up the braid, gently pulling out those loops. Once the loops are fairly loosened, you can secure the braid with an elastic and then go back to loosen the loops more until they are to your liking.

Step 13.  On the back side of the braid after where you stopped adding hair in, gently pinch and pull on the edges to make it look more full.  Finish the look of with hairspray if you’d like.

You’re done!

 New favorite braid here!!  Love the intricate look of this while being easy to do! Such a gorgeous way to wear a side braid!  Gorgeous braid!  Great hair tutorial    lSuch a pretty look, love side swept hairstyles

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