Side Swept Dutch Braid

Side Swept Dutch Braid tutorial

I love doing complicated and intricate styles on my daughters.  They are the ones you see in most of my tutorials.  When it comes to my own hair – I honestly would love to do complicated styles too… but then I get started and have a toddler taking their diaper off and having an accident on the floor, or one dumping a box of Cheerios on the floor… seriously, those have both happened mid-braid to me!  They get into something or need me and I have to drop my braid before it’s finished.  Which is ok, I know that they won’t be little forever!  And I do my best to just enjoy the craziness that is life with 4 littles.  But that just leaves me needing – and loving! – hairstyles that are quick and easy for myself. 

Today I want to share with you a style that I just love for myself right now – a side swept Dutch braid.  I think that side braids are cute and practical, keeping the hair out of the way while giving me a style that’s more than a ponytail or messy bun.  This side swept Dutch braid takes your side braid game up a notch by adding beautiful detail at the back – and only takes a minute more to do!

This style is great for shorter hair and hair with layers like mine.

Supplies you’ll need: hairbrush,  a small elastic, optional – hairspray

Time Needed:  2-3 minutes

Skill Level:  Easy

Side Dutch Braid steps 1-3

Step 1.  Start by brushing your hair out, then take and divide your hair so you have 2/3 on one side and will start your braid with the other 1/3 of it.

Step 2.  Divide that hair you picked up on the right into 3 equal sized sections.

Step 3.  Take the top strand and go UNDER the middle strand.

Side Dutch Braid Steps 4-6

Step 4.  Take the bottom strand and go UNDER the middle strand.

Step 5.  Repeat steps 3 & 4, adding hair in each time and making sure you keep going UNDER the middle strand.  You want to add large sections into the top and very small sections into the bottom strand as you braid.

Step 6.  Continue braiding and secure with an elastic. 

Side Swept Dutch Braid Step 7

Step 7.  Gently pull the edges of your braid (called pancaking) to give you a more full braid – this gives you a softer and more mature look.

You’re done!  You can finish with hairspray if you have any hairs poking out.  I like mine a little messy, I think it just looks a little softer and prettier.

Side Swept Dutch Braid - 2 minute hairstyle Side Swept Dutch Braid - 2 minute hairstyle Side Swept Dutch Braid - 2 minute hairstyle Side Swept Dutch Braid - 2 minute hairstyle

I always feel so much more put together when I change out of the mommy yoga pants and have a cute outfit to put on too!  Cute hair always looks better with cute clothes, right?!

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I hope that you like this side swept Dutch braid tutorial for a quick and easy hairstyle!  If you try it out and want to share photos, I would love to see!  You can post them on my Facebook page or tag me in a photo on Instagram @hair_by_lori, or use the hashtag #HBLSideSweptDutchBraid so that I can find it and it will show up on the bottom of my page here. 

Side Swept Dutch Braid Tutorial from

Thank you so much for reading!  I hope you’ll come back to my blog again soon!

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