Side Swept Waterfall Braid

Side Swept Waterfall Braid - can't believe this only takes 5 minutes to do! Love it, and perfect for summer!

I first tried this style out when I was on vacation.  I curled my hair and then couldn’t decide what to do next!  I wanted to be able to see the pretty curls so I didn’t want to pin it all up, but it was hot and I didn’t want to just leave it down.  After trying a few things, I decided to quickly try this side swept waterfall braid.  After fiddling with my hair unsuccessfully for 20 minutes before that, I did this style in under 5 minutes and was done!  It’s funny how that goes sometimes!

I have done this style a couple of times since and I love it just as much as the first time I did it!  It’s so quick, easy and perfect for the warmer weather that we’ve been having as summer sets in.  This style would be great dressed up for a wedding, prom or other formal occasion, but it can also be dressed down and worn with a cute casual every day outfit.  Gotta love a versatile style like that!

Side Swept Waterfall Braid - only 5 minutes to do, it's so pretty! Gotta try this Love this side swept waterfall braid and soft curls  Side swept waterfall braid - perfect for summer and only takes 5 minutes to do love this side swept waterfall braid, such a great summer style

How to Do a Side Swept Waterfall Braid

Tools you will need: hairbrush, clear elastic, a couple of bobby pins and hairspray.

Time to complete:  5 minutes or less

Skill Level:  Easy

NOTE:  Before I started this style I curled my hair. I’m not teaching it in this video, but you can find the tutorial on how I curl my hair here if you’d like see how I do it.

Step 1.  Begin the style by parting your hair off to one side. At the front, pick up a section of hair. Divide it into 3 equal sized pieces. Begin the waterfall braid like you are starting a French braid, bringing the lower piece over the middle then the upper piece over the middle.

Step 2.  Now on the bottom side, drop that strand. Replace that strand by picking up a new section of hair from just behind where you dropped it, then braid that over your middle strand.

Step 3.  On the top side, add in a small section of hair to the top piece you are braiding, just as you would do in a regular French braid.  Braid that top strand down over the middle.

A waterfall braid really is like a French braid!  On one side it’s exactly the same, on the other side you are simply dropping a strand and replacing it with the hair you would’ve added into a French braid.

Step 4.  Repeat this process.  On the bottom side of the braid again drop the strand and replace it by picking up a new section of hair from just behind where you dropped it. Make sure that you don’t pick the new section up from lower than the line your braid is following or else your style won’t look quite right when you’re done.  Also, it’s important to make sure that each new section you are adding in on the bottom is about the same width.

Step 5.  You want your braid to stay on one side of your head to create the side swept look, so tilt your head so that the hair falls in the direction you want it to lie. Pick up a section on top to add in to the top side of the braid.The trickiest part of this style can be making sure that the hair in the back is laying nicely, but take your time, tilt your head and let gravity help pull your hair into a place that is natural for it to lay, then pick it up and add it into the braid.

Step 6.  Once you run out of hair to add into the braid, stop dropping strands. Keeping the 3 strands, braid out a few stitches of a regular 3 strand braid and then secure it with an elastic. Take and wrap that little braid and elastic up and under your style and then pin in place. I like to use two bobby pins and make sure that they cross so that they won’t slide out of place.

Step 7.  Now just touch up your curls if needed and finish with hairspray if you’d like.

You’re done!

Where would you wear this side swept waterfall braid?  Somewhere formal or is it more casual?  I’d love to hear what you think, leave a comment below! Or try it out and then share a photo, I’d love to see.  You can post it on my Facebook page, tag me in a tweet on Twitter or tag me in your photo on Instagram.

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