The Easiest Christmas Tree Braid Ever

Video Tutorial: The Easiest Christmas Tree Braid Ever

This post is part of my 12 Braids of Christmas series – be sure to check out all the festive styles in this series!

One of the things that I hear most from people when they see my hairstyles is “Oh my gosh, I could never do that!”.  I (very respectfully, of course) have to disagree.  I think that people can do WAY more with hair than they think.  Only 2 years ago, the only braids that I knew how to do were a French braid and a 3 strand braid.

I think that (just like me) many people have never tried to do anything with hair.  Because they haven’t done it before, they think that they can’t.  Well – I think that YOU CAN!  If you just give it a try, you can do more with hair than you think!

Working on this 12 Braids of Christmas series, I really wanted to make sure that there was something for everyone.  Hairstyles for all ages, hair lengths, occasions and especially all skill levels.  I’ve already done some easy styles in this series, but today’s hairstyle is the easiest of them all!  (AND it works on short hair, like my little Grace’s short bob haircut!)  Anyone can do this one – so if you are intimidated looking at all of the other hairstyles in this series, then start here.  Can you do a ponytail?  Can you do a regular 3 strand braid?  Can you lace up a shoe?  Then you can do this hairstyle! 

Let’s get started on how to do the EASIEST Christmas Tree Braid ever. 

Supplies you’ll need: a Christmas Tree Braid Kit (comes complete with all you need) OR elastics, ribbon, and decorations. 

Time: 8-10 minutes

Skill Level:  Easy

Step 1. Pull the top of the hair back, from outer edge of each eyebrow back to the center of the crown of the head, and secure with an elastic.

Step 2.  Part the remainder of the hair down the middle of the back of her head.  Secure each side into a low pigtail as close to behind the ears as you can.

Step 3.  Take half the hair from the ponytail and braid a regular 3 strand braid – braid down until the braid reaches the pigtail on that side and then secure the 3 strand braid to the pigtail with another hair elastic.  Repeat this on the other side with the other half of the hair from the top ponytail.

Step 4.  Take your piece of ribbon. Gently pull the top most stitch of your braid on each side up so that you can slide the ends of the ribbon down through. Pull the ribbon so that you have an even amount on each side.

Step 5. Continue lacing the ribbon through the each stitch of the braid, alternating sides, as if you were lacing up a shoe.  After you have laced it through the entire length of your braid, tie the ends of the ribbon together in the middle.  You can either tie a knot and trim the ends (if necessary) or tie it into a bow. 

Step 6.  Decorate the tree!  I use the Ornament Hair by Lori EZDO Christmas Tree Braid Kit to create the style you see here, but my kit also comes in a Garland option and an LED Lights (SO FUN!) option. 

HBL EZDO Christmas Tree Braid Kit 3 options - order now on!


Video Tutorial: The Easiest Christmas Tree Braid EverChristmas tree braids are so fun and festive, so now there is no reason that you can’t do one this holiday season!  I think that my original Ribbon Christmas Tree braid like you see pictured in the kit photo above is a little bit dressier, especially if you add curls.  But if you are looking for quick, easy and festive – then this Easiest Christmas Tree Braid that I taught here is the way to go.  Also, because it ends in pigtails, it keeps the hair out of the way and will hold great for sports and other activities.

Easy Christmas Tree Braid - I can't believe how easy this is! Anyone can do it. So adorable!

I hope you’ll give this Easy Christmas Tree Braid a try!  If you do – I’d love to see how it turns out for you.  You can share it on my Facebook page, tag me in your photo on Instagram @hair_by_lori or use the hashtag #HBLEasyChristmasTree –  if you use the hashtag, it might end up featured here on my page.  Scroll down to the bottom of this page to see!

Thanks so much for reading!  I hope you’ll come back soon!

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