The Easiest French Twist Ever

Video Tutorial: The Easiest French Twist Ever. This is perfect hair for moms, teachers, or a quick updo.

I don’t know about you, but here’s how a dream morning goes for me:  wake up early before the kids, sit and have a cup of coffee while I read some scriptures, get in some exercising, shower, do my hair and make up, and have breakfast ready when my four kiddos wake up. 

Here’s how most mornings ACTUALLY go for me:  alarm goes off, I hit the snooze (sometimes a few times), roll out of bed around 6:30-7am because either my 2 year old is fussing in his room or my 3 year old is loudly rolling around on the floor in front of my bed room door (I’m not sure why but she keeps doing that!), cuddle up with them on the couch for some Disney Jr. while I have my coffee, fix breakfast, get them dressed, oh and then it’s time for me to quickly get dressed, throw my hair up and maybe throw on a little make up.

I know I’m not alone – moms just tend to put their kids first and they leave the littlest amount of time for themselves.  It’s not a bad thing (trust me, I do LOVE my Disney Jr. early morning snuggle time with my littles!) but it’s just how it often is for me.  So while I post beautiful styles online, I’m often still in my Yoga pants and am not rocking a beautiful style myself.

Thankfully, I have been rocking my Lilla Rose products.  They are PERFECT for moms.  I mean seriously, I feel like they are designed with moms in mind.  They are great for everyone, of course, and they make a beautiful accent to any braided or more done up style.  But they are perfect for me because they let me look done up while only spending a minute to do my hair.  So today I want to share with you a style that I have been wearing a lot lately, the easiest French twist ever!

Supplies you’ll need: hairbrush, Lilla Rose flexi clip

Time Needed:  1 min (no joke!)

Skill Level:  Easy

Step 1.  Start by brushing out your hair.

Step 2.  Gather your hair at the back of your neck like you are creating a low ponytail.

Step 3.  Take your index finger of your dominate hand and loop the hair around that finger a couple of inches away from your scalp – then pull up and twist as you go until you have pulled all the hair securely against your head.

Step 4.  Take your flexi clip and slide the pin against your scalp underneath the hair you have twisted up, then lay the pretty part of the clip on top of your twisted hair and slide the pin from underneath into the end of the pretty part of the clip.

You’re done!

It’s so quick and easy, I just love it!  It holds nicely all day long and it’s comfortable to wear.  I honestly forget that I have it in most of the time!  The clips are designed for all hair types, from thin and straight to thick and curly, and everything in between.  Then when you are done, you just slide the pin out from underneath.  Since the bottom pin is attached to the pretty piece of the clip, it’s all together and there are  no separate pieces to lose. 

Video Tutorial: The Easiest French Twist Ever. This is perfect hair for moms, teachers, or a quick updo.

I am wearing a size medium clip in this video.  I only recently went up to a medium as my hair has grown a little, before than I was doing this style with a size small.  It will depend on how thick your hair is and how long as to what size you will want to try for yourself.  However, there is no fear of getting the wrong size because you can always exchange it if it doesn’t fit you perfect.  I think that it’s better to get a size that is too small than a size that is too big – you can always use it for ponytails or as a cute accent if it doesn’t work — but if it’s too big, you are going to think that the clips don’t work or hold your hair.  If that happens, please let me know!  I want everyone to LOVE their clips if they purchase from my Lilla Rose store

Please let me know if you have any questions about the Lilla Rose products or if there is any way that I can help you.  If you order one and try this easy French Twist or if you try another style out with a Lilla Rose product, I would love to see if you want to share a photo!  You can post it to my Facebook page or tag me in a photo on Instagram @hair_by_lori or just use the hashtag #HBLLillaRose so that I can find it. 

Thanks for reading!  I hope you stop back by my site soon!

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