The Story of My Ring

 The Story of My Ring

My husband, Adam, and I just celebrated our 11 year wedding anniversary on July 16.  It’s hard to believe that it’s been so long!  Parts of it flew by, while other parts of those years were hard and dragged on.  We have certainly had our struggles and opportunities to grow together.  I thank God for His great grace to get us through it all and I thank Him that Adam and I have made it this far.  It’s been by grace that we have made it this long and it is NOT because Adam or I are so great that we are here and stronger than ever!

Adam completely surprised me with my anniversary gift this year.  I was getting ready for our date night out and he told me he wanted to show me something that a worker had done to our basement (it’s under construction) and to come down when I got a chance.  I walked down to find a dark basement only lit by candles.  My husband had me sit down and he sang to me.  It was the sweetest thing!  He doesn’t normally sing, so he worked really hard at this.  The song that he wanted wasn’t available on a karaoke track so he figured out how to get the words off the track to make it work and he rehearsed it for days.  He didn’t make it through the first verse before I was bawling, and he couldn’t finish the end of the song because he was crying too.

He thanked me for 11 great years and 4 amazing children that I’ve given him.  He said many other sweet things in his speech that he had prepared.  Then he pulled out a ring.  It was a brand new engagement ring and wedding band set.  Adam said that we have been through so much, but it all had brought it us to where we are now so he wouldn’t change a single thing.  He said let the ring remind me of that, that he wouldn’t change a thing.

 The story of my ring

You see, we had rings.  I had an engagement ring from when he proposed and a wedding band from the day we got married.  But we got married young.  We were pretty clueless back then, just a couple of kids trying to make it.  We got pregnant with Hope 5 months after we got married.  I gave birth to Hope and then 5 months later, I was pregnant with Elijah.  Decreased income and increased expenses is a hard combination.  We were badly in debt and sold all that we could, including my engagement ring and our wedding bands.  We struggled to live paycheck to paycheck, eating the cheapest meals that we could and juggling the bills that we were falling so far behind on.  When it’s a choice between material things and food on the table, it really is an easy choice.  

Flash forward 9 years after selling our original rings.  I am blessed to say that we made it through that debt and survived many struggles.  Did we get married young?  Yes, absolutely.  I was 19 and Adam was 20.  Were we clueless?  Most definitely.  Was it hard?  Without a doubt.  Would either of us change a thing?  Never. 

And now I have my rings to remind me of that.  We would never change a thing.  Our road has had so many obstacles in it.  It’s been hard.  Our marriage has weathered some storms.  But all of those struggles gave us opportunities to choose.  Opportunities to look to God, to grow in faith and to grow in our marriage.  I am so blessed to be here today, and blessed to call Adam my husband.  I can’t wait to see what the future holds for us and can’t wait to keep on growing. 

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2 thoughts on “The Story of My Ring

  1. I loved reading the story of your struggle.Sounds like you both share total happiness with each other.That is a rare thing these days. You are also very talented Lori.I saw you on fox 8 and signed up right away.I hope I can get my 3 yr old grand daughter to sit still to try and do a few styles on her.

    1. Hi Cindee! So sorry for the delayed reply! Things have been crazy since school started, somehow your comment got lost in them mix of things until now. Thanks for reading about our struggle, I’m so glad that we stuck it out and grew together. It wasn’t always the easy decision, but it was worth it.

      Thank you so much for watching us on Fox 8 and for coming to check out my site! Good luck on your grand daughter! It’s such a fun thing to get to try new styles together… some tips on getting them to sit still – letting them pick out a hairstyle often will make them want to sit, so will giving them a special seat or letting them hold a mirror to watch. If it’s a style that is going to take awhile – snacks or a tablet/tv can help to distract them. Lastly, sometimes letting them pick out a cute hair accessory or bow to go in the finished style will encourage them to sit through it too. Good luck and have fun!

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