Twisted Flower Bun


Twisted Flower Bun

The twisted flower bun is the first style I ever came up with, back when I was 15.  I got my first job at restaurant and needed to have my hair up and stay in place all day.  This style did the trick then and it’s still my go to hairstyle!  What I love most about this style is that it’s quick, easy and can stay put all day!  No bun maker required.

It’s easy enough and holds well enough for dance and other sports, while being pretty enough to wear as an updo if you are dressing up.  It’s really a versatile style!  And added bonus – it actually comes out best when it’s done right out of the shower on damp hair!  Can’t beat a style like that if you ask me.


Supplies you’ll need:  Brush, ponytail holder, hair gel (optional but recommended), spray bottle, about 10 bobby pins

Step 1:  Put hair into ponytail.

Step 2:  Wet the hair and add hair gel.   **This can be done on dry hair and it can be done without hair gel – but if you want it to hold all day, I recommend wetting the hair down that is in the ponytail and then putting some hair gel in the hair at this point.

Step 2:  Take a small section of hair and twist it.

Step 3:  Take the twisted hair and loop it around a couple of your fingers two or three times, depending on the length of hair you are working on.

Step 4:  Slide those loops you just made off of your fingers and bobby pin the part that is laying against the head.  It creates kind of a tunnel if you do it right.

Step 5:  Continue steps 2-4 going around the ponytail from the point you started at, alternating sides to keep it looking even.  Continue until you have used up all the remaining hair from the ponytail.

You’re done!  You can loosen it up as needed or add a bobby pin if you see a spot that needs it.

 Twisted Flower Bun

Hope it turns out great for you at home if you try it!  I’d love to see it if you try it and want to share – you can post to my Facebook wall or tag me @hair_by_lori on Instagram or use hashtag #HBLTwistedFlowerBun.

Twisted Flower BunTwisted Flower Bun    Twisted Flower Bun

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