Waterfall French Braid Combo

Waterfall French Braid Combo tutorial - this is such a beautiful style for short hair!

I recently cut my 3 year old Gracie’s hair to donate (see here).  I was a little nervous about having such short hair to work with for hairstyles, but knowing that there are other moms who need short hairstyle inspiration too has really motivated me to try some different things.  I’m happy to report that there is SO much more that you can do on short hair than I had originally thought! 

Today I’m sharing one of my favorite new styles on Grace, this waterfall French braid combo hairstyle.  It is relatively easy, and quick to do!  And if you have tried to do a waterfall braid before and failed – don’t worry!!  I couldn’t do a waterfall braid myself until a few months ago.  I tried and failed.  Then I finally got it, so I’m confident that I can explain it to you and help you get it too! 

The problem with a waterfall braid and doing it on a little one is that most little girls have very fine textured hair.  Fine hair slips right out of a waterfall braid!  My daughter Hope is 9 years old and has long hair, and even on her I find that a waterfall braid will fall out.  My best tip for getting a waterfall braid to stay in place?  Combine it with another braid!  That and use hair spray generously 🙂   But really, combining it with another braid like I’m teaching in today’s tutorial will anchor the braid in place and prevent it from falling out before you’ve even had the chance to leave the house. 

Let’s get to how to do this waterfall French braid combo!

Supplies you’ll need: hairbrush, a few small elastics, elastic or clip to temporarily hold some hair out of the way, bobby pins, hairspray

Time Needed:  5-7 minutes

Skill Level:  Easy – Medium

Step 1.  Begin by brushing the hair out, then make a deep diagonal part across the top of her head so that you have more hair on the left.  Secure the smaller section on the right side out of the way temporarily.
Step 2.  Begin your waterfall braid – take a small section at the front of the face and divide it into 3 sections, then do one stitch of a regular braid. 
Step 3.  Now to do a waterfall braid:  add hair into the top most section as you are braiding (just as you would for a French braid).  When you go to braid on the bottom each time, let go of the piece and then pick up another small section of hair from just behind where you dropped it to replace the section you just dropped.   In short:  Top piece ADD, bottom piece DROP and REPLACE. 
Step 4.  Continue braiding as described in step 3 until you reach the crown of her head where you will want your messy bun to be.  Be sure to follow a straight line back as you are picking up pieces of hair when replacing the bottom section as you do the waterfall braid otherwise your style will end up looking funny.  Braid it out a few more stitches in just a regular 3 strand braid and secure with an elastic.
Step 5.  Take another small section of hair from the front of the head, just under where you started the waterfall braid.  Do a French braid back, following the line of the waterfall braid.  On the top, only add in the pieces that are waterfalled down from the waterfall braid.  When you add in hair on the bottom stitch of the French braid, add in the rest of the hair that is hanging down.  Braid the French braid back until you have used all the waterfall pieces and you are at the point that you want your messy bun.
Step 6.  Take the remaining unbraided hair from the French braid and hold it together with the braid from the waterfall braid above and then secure it into a messy bun.
Step 7.  Undo the hair that you secured temporarily in step 1 on the right side of the head.
Step 8.  French braid that section of hair so that the braid is angled to end in a messy bun that is symmetrical (or mirrors) the first messy bun that you did in step 6.  Braid to that point and then secure the rest of the hair in a messy bun.
You’re done!
Love the hair and the shirt! Such a cute hairstyle for little girls - waterfall and French braid combo with messy buns
“Today Choose Joy” t-shirt from Baby Truth on etsy HERE.
Waterfall French braid combo with messy buns
This style is so cute with jeans and a t-shirt, or you can style it with a dress, maybe add a couple of little bows to dress it up.  It’s so versatile and beautiful!  While it is a perfect hairstyle for short hair, like you see on Gracie here, you can do it on medium to long hair as well.  You can even use the same technique of combining a waterfall braid and a French braid to create a beautiful updo, like the photo below.
Waterfall and French braid combo. LOVE this gorgeous hairstyle!
I hope that you’ll give this hairstyle a try!  If you do, I hope it turns out wonderful for you and that you love it as much as we do! 

I’d love to see how it turns out for you if do it and want to share.  You can share it on my Facebook page, tag me in your photo on Instagram @hair_by_lori or use hashtag #HBLWaterfallFrenchBraidCombo so I can find it – and it might end up featured on my page then (scroll down to the bottom of this page to see 🙂 )

Thanks so much for reading!  I hope you’ll come back soon!

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