Day 20 – Woven Braids

Woven braids and hairstyles tutorials and inspiration! Give it a try if you haven't yet, it's easier than you might think

We are on to day 20 of our 30 day braiding challenge .  Today’s challenge braid is a woven braid or a hairstyle with a weave in it.  There are so many different ways that you can style hair with part of it woven.  Many of them look complex and intimidating, but I want you to push out of your comfort zone and give one of them a try today! 

Here are some great hair tutorials that feature a woven braid, basket weave, or other woven feature… and though this is our 30 day braiding challenge – not all of these are technically braids.   But since the real point of our braiding challenge is that we are trying new things, let’s just go with it 😉 

Side Basket Weave tutorial by HairAndNailsInspiration.  I think that most of the time when people think of a woven braid, they are thinking of a basket weave.  It’


Woven Braid Pull Back tutorial by Princess Hairstyles.  This cute hairstyle would look great on any age! 


Woven Waterfall Braid tutorial by Flettemamma.  This tutorial is similar to the one above, but gives you a little different of a look.  Both are so pretty!



Woven Fishtail Braid tutorial by Bebexo.  I shared a tutorial for this style on our fishtail braid themed day as well, but I have to share it again today because it’s just so cool!  I love the unique look of this woven fishtail braid! 

Woven Lattice Pigtails tutorial by Princess Hairstyles.  No braiding skills required here!  I love this look for little girls.  If you don’t want to break the braiding aspect of our challenge, you can braid the separate sections instead of just twisting the hair!


Woven Braid and Fishtail Braid combo tutorial by Braidsandstyles12.  This is certainly a more advanced hairstyle, but if you are looking for a challenge, give it a try!  It’s such pretty and different look. 


The Woven Updo tutorial by Cute Girls Hairstyles.  This is a pretty and simple updo that will have people wondering how the heck you did that!


Woven Braid tutorial by Aurora Braids.  This is another simple way to work a weave into your hairstyle.  You could add some curls to this one to dress it up if you wanted to. 


Woven Braid combo tutorial by Hair Glamour.   This hairstyle starts off with a waterfall twist which isn’t shown in the video, but it’s really easy to do.  You can learn how to do here.  The rest is fairly easy to do and it’s a pretty way to work a weave into a hairstyle! 


I’d love to see how today’s challenge comes out for you!  You can share a photo on my Facebook page, tag me in a photo on Instagram – @hair_by_lori or just use the hashtags #30DaysNewBraids #30DNBDay20.

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