Woven Elastic Headband with Flat Iron Curls

  Woven Elastic Headband hairstyle with flat iron curls - love this cute back to school hair tutorial, it's perfect for picture day!

I am back with another great back to school hairstyle for you this week!  I think that today’s woven elastic headband with flat iron curls hairstyle would be especial cute for picture day… or for anytime that your girl wants to feel a little extra special!  Any style that involves little elastics does take a little more time to do, but the good news is that elastic hairstyles will hold up for a few days.  You could even do the woven elastic headband the night before and then do the curls in the morning to make your busy school morning go more smoothly!

I am so happy to be teaming up with Lionesse to bring you today’s tutorial.  Be sure to check them out for great hair products.  I use their heat protectant cream and ceramic silk flat iron in today’s tutorial.  I really loved both products and honestly recommend them to you!

Let’s get to how to do this great back to school hairstyle!

How to Do A Woven Elastic Headband with Flat Iron Curls

Tools you will need: hairbrush, a couple of clips or ponytail elastic to temporarily hold hair out of the way, little elastics in color(s) of your choice, rattail comb, heat protectant and flat iron, hairspray 

Time to complete: 20 minutes

Skill Level:  Medium

Step 1.  Begin by brushing the hair out.  Part down in a straight line from your part line to above the ear. I use a rattail comb to help get a nice clean part line. Clip the hair by the face out of the way.

Step 2.  Go to the other side of the head and mirror what you just did, creating a straight part line going across the head. Check and make sure that both sides look about even, adjust the part if need be.  Secure the rest of the hair back out of the way.

Step 3.  Unclip the hair by the face.  You are going to create 7 sections with this hair. Use your comb and begin by creating the first section in the center of the head. Secure that with an elastic.

Step 4.  Go to the side of that to create 3 more sections. Each should be about the same width, though the lower sections will have less hair in them.

Helpful Hint:  To make securing with an elastic go a little faster, you can take your elastics and double it up before you put it in the hair, this takes the number of times you need to wrap it around the hair and cuts it in half.

Step 5.  Let down the rest of the hair. Take your comb and create another straight part line going across the head and ending just behind the ears. Take your time to make sure that it’s straight and equal sized on both sides of the head.  Secure the remaining hair back out of the way.

Step 6.  Take the hair that is in the front elastics and clip those out of the way.

Step 7.  Now take your comb and create 7 sections. You are simply continuing the part lines going back from the front 7 sections that you already did. If you used two different colored elastics like I did, then you want to offset the colors for this row of ponytails. In my front row I started with purple, so in this back row I start with pink.

Step 8.  Let down the hair from your front row of ponytails.   You are going to split every front section in half and join it to the back section that is on a diagonal from it. The hair that gets split off to the left goes OVER while the hair that gets split off to the right goes UNDER another section. If you alternated colors like I did, then you will always be securing hair coming from the same color in the front on to that same color in the back.

Step 9.  Now that your woven elastic headband is complete, apply a heat protectant to the hair.

Step 10.  You want to curl small sections of hair. Start by the root and slowly twist the flat iron in a downward motion as you go. When you release it, take your hand and give the hair a swirl – I find this makes a big difference in defining your curls.

Curling Tips:  As you complete curling each layer of hair, you may want to give it a spray with some hairspray. If you have a hard time getting any kind of curl to stay, you can take the curl and coil it up while it is hot, then pin it against the head until it cools. This helps set the hair and will help it last longer, particularily in fine textured hair. Also – watch you don’t have too much detangler spray or other product in the hair besides the heat protectant – I have such a hard time curling Hope’s hair when she has gone to town on it with her detangler spray!

Don’t forget to curl the hair in the elastics. You may need to divide the hair into two parts to curl it depending on how thick those ponytails are.

You’re done!

Want to keep the elastics in a couple of days and make it into another great hairstyle?  Check out these cute styles below that use the woven elastic headband.

Woven Elastic Headband and Woven Pigtails Hairstyle  

To create this hairstyle I braided all of the hair coming out of the elastics in the elastic headband.  Each section I made into one braid with the exception of the middle one, I split that into two equal sized braids.  Then I just wove them through each other and pulled into pigtails.  This style lasted on her for 3 days!  It holds up great for playing, swimming, sports, etc.

Woven elastic headband hairstyle with a 5 strand Dutch braid - what a great school or sports hairstyle!

When my babysitter saw the woven elastic headband on Hope, she asked me to do it on her.  To make it a bit more mature, I used black elastics instead of colored ones.  I then finished her long hair with a 5 strand braid

What are some of your favorite back to school hairstyles?  Do you keep it simple or do you like to take the time to create more intricate styles?  I’d love to hear about it, leave me a comment below!

If you like this cute back to school hairstyle as much as we do, I hope you will try it out and then share a photo, I’d love to see!   You can post it on my Facebook page, tag me in a tweet on Twitter or tag me in your photo on Instagram.

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