Wrapped French Fishtail Braid

Wrapped French Fishtail Braid - great tutorial!  Love this beautiful style for all ages, and it works great on short or long ha

This wrapped French fishtail braid was so highly requested on my social media after I posted a photo of Gracie wearing this style.  It’s elegant and sophisticated.  I think this one would work great for any age!   I also love that it works on Gracie’s short hair, but it would work equally well on longer hair. 

How to do a Wrapped French Fishtail Braid

Tools you will need: hairbrush, ponytail elastic or clip to temporarily hold hair out of the way, a few clear elastics, and optional – hairspray or spray wax.

Time to complete:  15 minutes

Skill Level:  Easy

Step 1.  Begin by sectioning off the hair, you want to part down at an angle on the right, down to just left of the center of the back of the head. Secure that out of the way with a clip or an elastic.  On the other side, part the hair again, going down from where your first part started and ending just behind the left ear. Secure that hair out of the way.  You will end up with a little more hair sectioned off on the right side than you have on the left side.

Note:  As you do this braid, be sure to pull the hair in the direction that we want this style to go, so that it will end up at the bottom left side of the head.

Step 2.  Pick up a section of hair from the top.  Divide that hair into two equal sized sections. Take a small section of hair from the outer edge of the left side and bring it over, joining it to the inner edge of the right section.  Now take a small section of hair from the outer edge of the right side, bring it over, joining it to the inner edge of the left side.

Step 3.  On the left again take a small section from the outer edge and cross it over to join the inner edge of the right side.  We are going to start adding hair in as we go.  From just under the left side of your braid, pick up a small section of hair. Cross that over the left side of your braid and join it to the inner edge of your right side.

Step 4.  Repeat this on the other side, taking a small section and crossing it over to the inner edge of the left side. Then go under that and pick up a new section of hair. Cross that over the right side of the braid and join it at the inner edge of your left section.

Step 5.  Now just repeat steps 3 & 4 all the way down, being sure that you are pulling your braid at the angle you want so that it ends up off to the side of the back of her neck.  As I do this style, I am braiding very small sections of hair. This gives me a more intricate look, but it does take longer to do. If you want to, you can use larger pieces of hair. Just be careful that you don’t take TOO large of pieces of hair in or it will look more like a regular French braid and not a fishtail braid.

Step 6.  After you run out of hair to add into the braid, continue braiding out a few stitches of a fishtail braid and then secure it with an elastic.

Step 7.  Let down the section of hair on the right. Smooth it out with a brush or your fingers. You may want to use some spray wax or hairspray to give you a smooth finish. Twist the hair in toward the braid. I secured mine with an elastic here to help hold her short hairs up in the style, but you could skip this on longer hair.  Cross that hair over the braid, wrap the end down under, and then secure the hair together with an elastic.  (You may need to take a bobby pin or two here under the bottom to get that section of hair to lay nicely.)

Step 8.  Take the left section of hair. Twist that section in toward the braid, then wrap it over and under the ponytail. Hold it in place and then secure it to the ponytail with another elastic.

Step 9.  Gently brush the hair with your fingers as needed to cover any visible part lines and then you may want to finish with hairspray.

Gorgeous hairstyle!  Wrapped French fishtail braid Wrapped French Fishtail Braid - love this gorgoues hairstyle!  Gotta try this braid!  Wrapped French fishtail braid tutorial

You’re done! 

I hope you’ll give this wrapped French fishtail braid a try!  a photo, I’d love to see.  You can post it on my Facebook page, tag me in a tweet on Twitter or tag me in your photo on Instagram.

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